Our Georgia Wild Hog Hunt is the Best in the State!

This is the BEST Time of the year to Harvest a Georgia Wild Boar on a Guided Hunt.

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What to Bring

**We do have Loaner Equipment (Green Lights) and Rifles/Shotguns/Ammo Available for your Use while hunting with us. Do not let a lack of Equipment stop you from Enjoying a Georgia Wild Boar Hunt with us at Hog Wild USA.

Hunting Needs List:

Thank you for your interest in booking a hunt with us. We will be hunting in some of Middle Georgia’s finest swamp land in Prime Hog Territory. Below is a list of items that you will need to bring along with you to make your hunt more comfortable and enjoyable.
1- A Good Quality Flashlight. I suggest a 2 or 3 cell Mag-lite or equivalent with FRESH Batteries. Also, one of the LED headlamps is nice to have as a backup and/or a primary light in addition to the Mag-lite. We will often be in the swamps for an hour or longer after it gets dark. I personally like the Ray-O-Vac LED Headlamp that has the red, blue and white spotlight lenses. The hogs cannot see the red headlamp when walking and stalking after dark. It allows enough light for you to see where you are going without alerting the pigs to our presence. 
2-Scent Neutralizer- A Hog’s sense of SMELL is about 10 times better than a whitetail deer. This is one of the most important items to have.

Check with Craig Patton at:
His Item (#601 KILL KIT $25.75) has a Bottle of Ghost Scent Neutralizer, a bottle of Humus Cover Scent, a bottle of Ghost Hair and Body Wash and a bottle of Ghost Clothes Wash plus a cool looking decal. His products are by FAR the best that we have ever found for helping to control human scent when hunting wild hogs.
3-Rubber Boots that come up to your knees. We will be mucking around in the swamps and along the riverbanks. Also, during the summer months, a good quality pair of waterproof snake boots are nice.
4- Any Specialty foods you may need, including snacks, cokes and bottled water for your day pack.
5-Hand Towels and/or washcloth, several pair of disposable surgical gloves in a zip lock baggie.
7-A Georgia Hunting License. Click Here to Get your Georgia Hunting License.
You Only Need a Regular Hunting License to Hunt Hogs in Georgia. No big Game License is needed unless hunting Whitetail Deer.
8-Rain Gear
9-Orange Hat & Vest (These are NOT needed except during Deer Rifle Season)
10-Camo clothes face mask, gloves, extra dry socks, extra boots, in case we get wet.
11- A big cooler/coolers to transport your meat.
12-Bug Spray/and or a Therma cell-I suggest the dirt scented “No Stinking Bugs”
That Wal-Mart sells. We do not recommend that you use this when hunting as the hogs may smell it also. But, if the weather is going to be warm, you may at least want to have some in your day pack. Use sparingly and with discretion. Several layers of clothes and a head net will usually keep them from biting you if they are out.
13- Any other items that you would normally carry with you to make your hunt more comfortable.
14- A good quality day pack. It can be a fanny pack or backpack style as long as it can hold all your gear into the field.
15- A good quality hunting knife. This tool has many uses.
16- A Small Piece of Utility Rope (20-25 ft Long)
17-The NEW Nite Hunter Light from Nite Hunter is the one we now recommend. (See More Info Below)
We also have these units for Rent during your stay for only $25.00 for the Entire Duration of your Hunt.
It is $199.95 and is the Best Price We have found for this Very Useful Light.
While this item is not absolutely necessary, it will improve your odds of taking a large hog after Dark by over 90%.
18-A good Quality Pair of Binoculars.
19-A Seat Cushion. This can be just one of the cheap seat cushions that will make the hours you spend in the stand more comfortable.

  • This list is to be used in addition to your normal hunting gear and is only to be used a guide to make your hunt with us more enjoyable.
  • A FULL Line, Licensed Red Meat Processor is located about 4 miles from where we hunt and can process your hog; this cost around $100.00 for their services.
  • I will gut, skin, quarter your hog for an additional $60.00 if you would prefer. This can be done immediately after your hunt and before you leave.
  • Your Trophy Hog can be caped and transported to One of Georgia’s BEST Taxidermist. We look forward to your hunt with us. See you soon.

Thank you,
Tommy Haskins/Hogguide
478-256-3448 Cell


The NEW Nite Hunter Light $199.95 weapon Mounted Green LED 300 Lumen Light


*********We also have these units for Rent during your stay for only $25.00 for the Entire
Duration of your Hunt if you do not want to purchase one for yourself.*********************

  • We have come across what we believe to be the BEST Weapon Mounted Light Source on the Market. The NHV has a re-chargeable LIT-ION battery and comes Complete with its own charger.
  • The NHV is LED-based technology. It will work in any weather conditions, Including weather under 40 degrees F.
  • The NHV comes COMPLETE with 3 different mounting solutions so you can mount to a 30mm scope, 1″ scope and Picatinny rail
  • NHV mounts are simple, strong and effective.
  • NHV MSRP is $199.95 with all the above (competitor product MSRP well over $300)
  • Our system mounts on most all rifles and includes ALL the popular mounting options in a single kit.
  • This includes a 300 Lumen Green LED light, a clicker and pressure switch, a rechargeable battery and charger + a 1″ scope mount, a 30mm scope mount AND a picatinny rail mount.
  • The battery life is 5.5 hours with a full charge and will easily illuminate out to 200+ yards…turning your rifle into a very inexpensive near-night vision set-up.
  • Because we use LED, our system easily handles sub-40 degree F.
  • We are Currently Using these on ALL of our Night Hunting Rifles and will have these for Use and Purchase during your visit with Hog Wild, USA.

REGULAR PRICE OF THESE UNITS. **********************************************

We also have these units for Rent during your stay for only $25.00 for the Entire
Duration of your Hunt if you do not want to purchase one for yourself.

The Governor of Georgia Just signed into law the Baiting Bill in the Southern Zone (we are In the Southern Zone) of Georgia. We can Now LEGALLY Hunt DEER AND HOGS over Bait. Hogs can Be Hunted ALL Year Long over Bait! This is a BIG Change in Georgia Law and will make this Hunting Season even More Enjoyable and Successful.
Big Buck at one of our feeders Nice Mature Buck Big Ole swamp Buck Big Buck Convention One of our Best Trail Camera Photos ever Big Ole Buck at the Feeder Big Buck Down! Peach Festival Bow Kill 4 Boars James with his First Wild Boar First Boar Kill-Tim Adams