Our Georgia Wild Hog Hunt is the Best in the State!

This is the BEST Time of the year to Harvest a Georgia Wild Boar on a Guided Hunt.

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What to Expect!

Your hunt will usually begin before daylight. If coming for just a one day hunt, we will usually meet at the local Breakfast House for a quick bite and to get acquainted. We will then depart to the swamp to begin your hunt.. You will be seated in a deer type stand overlooking a feeding and bedding area.

Our Hunts begin in the back waters and swamps of the Ocmulgee River Basin. This River basin is home to huge whitetails. It is also home to scores of Wild Hogs, bobcats, coyotes, raccoons, possums, Wild Turkey and a number of other animals, some of which may be hunted every day of the year. Hunting these animals can be a great challenge. Our hunts take place on several different large Tracts and Farms located close to the town of Macon, GA (80 miles south of Atlanta).
Hunting takes place during early morning and late afternoon/evening as well as night-time hours when these animals are most active. Methods of hunting wild hogs include spot and stalk, still hunting over corn feeders and baited roads and trails where the Hogs live and breed. We have Hog Depredation Permits that allow us to legally hunt at night, with a 12 volt light and over bait. This increases your odds of seeing and getting a shot at this wary animal.

Coyotes and bobcats are common in our swamps. Method for hunting predators is using a mouth call or electronic caller to lure the animals into shooting range. Our hunters take many coyotes and (bobcats in season) while simply still hunting for hogs. (Bobcats may only be taken with small game weapons in Season). Check the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for more information on Georgia’s Game laws.

After dark, plan on staying out and hunting hogs and predators by way of spot-light in the swamps and fields around feeding and travel areas. These animals really tend to feed and at night and hunting them after night-fall can be great fun. After Dark is when the Really BIG Georgia Wild Hogs come out to feed.

Our Hunts are only $250.00 Per Day. If you do not at least SEE a Hog, you may come back for FREE!

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The Governor of Georgia Just signed into law the Baiting Bill in the Southern Zone (we are In the Southern Zone) of Georgia. We can Now LEGALLY Hunt DEER AND HOGS over Bait. Hogs can Be Hunted ALL Year Long over Bait! This is a BIG Change in Georgia Law and will make this Hunting Season even More Enjoyable and Successful.
Another Swamp Hiog Wild Boar from the Swamp Hogs Feeding Small Boar