South Carolina Deer Hunting

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Whether you go hunt in solitary, with a group of your buddies, or you’re making everlasting memories with your kids, hunting is a long standing and time honored tradition that we at Hog Wild USA take seriously.  We are happy to be part of that history.  With our enormous Russian boars or our great big white tail deer, coyotes, and turkey, there’s enough here on the 1000+ acres of Hog Wild USA to create an amazing hunting trip no matter which hunter you are.  Explore our site and pick the hunting trip that’s right for you.

1st time hunting????  Not a problem!  Our hunts all come with a guide, and we take great care to make sure you and your party have a safe and successful hunt.  We can accommodate groups up to 13 in each of our hunting lodges.  Not sure you’ll love it and you want to make the commitment for all the gear and firearms, we can rent you all you need, from the gun, (rifle or shotgun and ammo) as well as optics, and night hunt mounted flashlight.  We have both single and father son combo hunting stands available to choose from. Let us know when you book your hunt, just what you desire and we will do our best to make it happen!  Here in the south, we are nothing if we aren’t accommodating!!!  Make sure to take a look in our gallery, we update it regularly.  You know you want to, so come and get ’em!!

And for those who don’t know…This is the best time of year to get a trophy size boar on one of our hog hunts !!! 

Get one for your husband, brother, sister, son or daughter.  Go hunting with Dad one more time!!  We have gift certificates available, just call to inquire.


***For the rest of 2019 our Georgia Hog Hunts are only $250/day!!! (hogs only)*** 


$695.00 for a 2-1/2  Day,PLUS 2 Exciting Night Time Hog Hunts! (Lodging is included)


The Hog Wild USA Hunting has been as good as it has ever been! Hog Wild, USA has some of the largest Russian Boars that can be found in South Georgia. Our Guided hunts are the best hunts that you will ever go on.  Lots of hogs have been seen and taken on our Swamp hunts in the last few weeks. Several exceptional Boars have been taken by our guests. We are the premier hog hunting outfitters in Georgia. We offer thrilling night time hunts with green lights that do not spook the game (Legal in Georgia). Our night time hog hunting is extremely successful!  If you’ve never done a night hunt, then let us show you why its one of the best experiences you could have as a hunter.  Hog Wild, USA is the right choice for your next hunting adventure!

Call us today at (478) 256-3448 to book your trip now or simply book online to secure your spot today.   


Hog Wild, USA is located near Macon, Georgia, about an hour South of Atlanta.  Whether you’re driving or flying in from out of state, we are easily accessible.  Hog Wild USA’s lands include portions of the Ocmulgee River Swamps which have been hunted by the Creek Indians for thousands of years. Our lands adjoin portions of the Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge at the south end of the refuge where some of the best Wild Boar Hunting in the State of Georgia can be experienced.

Wild Boar Hunting Tennessee

Hog Wild USA – Southeastern USA’s Hog Hunting Destination

Hog hunting is a time-honored tradition in the south, and when you’re investing time and money in a hunt, you want it to be an experience to remember. Hog Wild USA has established itself as a leader in the hunting tourism industry by providing a variety of unique hunting trips that can be customized to suit your needs. Here’s why hunters are flocking to hog hunting in Georgia for premium hunting experiences and why Hog Wild USA is Southeastern USA’s Hog Hunting Destination.

Top-Notch Hunting

We’re proud to offer some of the best hunting not only in Georgia, but in the entire southern region of the United States. Our hunting locations are full of wild boar and other game that you can take with the help of our guides. With the high levels of game in our area, your chances of harvesting a Georgia Wild Boar while on one of our hunting excursions is high. Even if there’s hunting available in your state, it’s worth visiting stunning Southern Georgia to see what makes our hunting experiences so unique and special.

Customize Your Experience

At Hog Wild USA, our hunting trips are never one size fits all. Instead, we make every effort to accommodate you and your party, providing the perfect hunting excursion for your unique needs. Traveling with a large group? We’ll help create a high-energy atmosphere while ensuring that everyone is included in the hunt. Want a more intimate hunting experience with your child, best friend, or partner? We can make that happen as well.

Convenient Location

Our hunting excursions are based just outside of Macon, Georgia. Our Southern Georgia location is about an hour south of Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. This is one of the largest and busiest airports in the United States, so no matter where you’re traveling from, there’s a good chance you can get a direct flight here. We’re also within driving distance of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee, as well as major cities in Florida and Alabama as well. While our hunts feel like an exclusive vacation, you don’t have to drive far to experience them. If you already enjoy hog hunting in NC or wild boar hunting in Tennessee, you’ll love our incredible Georgia hog hunts.

Thrilling Experience

Here in Georgia, we’re able to offer safe and legal night boar hunting expeditions. Going hunting at night takes the experience to another level. Searching for wild boar in the darkness is a true thrill that you and your friends will be talking about long after it’s over. We even offer special lighting equipment to ensure that you won’t scare the boars. Boar hunting at night is a true bonding experience, and we’re proud to offer some of the very best night hunting in the US. When compared with Tennessee hog hunting, our Southern Georgia hog hunting experience offers even more to enjoy.

Safe and Fun for Beginners

Even if you’re a total beginner, we make the hunting experience a fun and productive one for you. Our guides have years of experience and will help you stay safe while you’re out on the hunt. We also always make sure to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for you and your party. Anyone can be a successful hunter with a bit of guidance, and we love sharing our passion for the sport with you. If necessary, we can even get you set up with top-notch equipment.

Beautiful Surroundings

Our stunning Southern Georgia location is something you must see to believe. We have over 1000 acres of beautiful fields, forests and swamps that you’ll get to explore on this guided hunt. If you’re looking for a true getaway from the big city, going on one of our hunts is the perfect opportunity. You’ll get to experience beautiful southern landscapes and truly wonderful hospitality. You can even stay at one of our camps, the perfect place to relax after a satisfying day of hunting.

Deer Hunting Options

Prefer to hunt whitetail deer instead of a Wild Russian boar? We have you covered – we offer deer hunting trips in addition to boar hunting here at Hog Wild. Just as with our boar hunts, you’ll find a huge number of Whitetail deer here in Southern Georgia, making your chances of a getting one high. So, if you’re looking to do some deer hunting in North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee you’ll find that our deer hunting is worth traveling for – the experience is totally unique and memorable. Want to check out both deer and hogs? We offer combo hunts where you’ll get to try your hand at hunting for both. If you’ve already tried South Carolina deer hunting and want to experience something even more thrilling, try one of our incredible Georgia deer hunts.

Affordable Pricing

We’re committed to making every aspect of the hunting experience a great one, and that includes our reasonable pricing options. Hunting can get expensive, but our daily prices are reasonable and include not only the opportunity to hunt in one of the best areas in the country but also guidance by our expert team. You’ll get amazing value for money that’s hard to find in other southern hunting expeditions. We also frequently offer deals on our hunting excursions – keep checking back to see our latest deals and pricing.

If you’ve never been hunting with Hog Wild USA in Georgia, it’s an experience to add to your bucket list. Now is the perfect time to experience the true thrill of hog hunting or deer hunting. Gather your friends and family and plan your hunting excursion with us today!


Sounders, a group of wild boar with 8-12 hogs in a group, can often be seen on our hog hunting trips. Our Georgia wild boar hunting trips and combo hog and deer hunts provide an opportunity to hunt some of the largest Russian strain wild boar and Whitetail deer that can be found in the Southeast. Our hogs are direct descendants of the largest truly wild Russian boars. Some of our trophy wild boar weigh in excess of 350 pounds. Our Georgia guided hog hunts are 100% fair chase hunts.

Hunting is about making memories. It’s a tradition which has been passed down through the ages, and it’s a history you can participate in. We at Hog Wild USA want to ensure you have a trip to remember for the rest of your life. Whether you’re hunting with your kids or a weekend hunt with friends, you don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy some of the best wild boar hunting in the Southeastern United States. So, even if you’re looking for wild boar hunting in South Carolina, hog hunting in NC or boar hunting in Tennessee then our hunting trips are still ideal for you. Because we’re talking about the opportunity to hunt some of the largest wild boar found anywhere in the U.S.
We guarantee that our boar hunting trips won’t let you down. And that’s not all, we offer guided hunting trips for Whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkey, coyotes and bobcats. What could be better for bonding with your kids than spending it with them in the wilderness which provides an invaluable opportunity to show them stunning wildlife all around them.

Or, perhaps you’re planning a wild boar hunting trip with a group of your closest buddies. This is a fantastic way to appreciate each other while enjoying a rewarding experience far better than you could hope to do at home. Some could argue that you don’t really know your friends properly until you’ve waited undercover to participate in a hunting experience to remember.

Maybe your looking to do some hog hunting in NC or boar hunting in Tennessee, we’re not far away, let us set up one of our night hunts to get your group’s adrenaline pumping. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone hog hunting under the cover of darkness. And we will make sure that you’re prepared with one of our green lights to ensure that you don’t spook the boar along the way. You can bet that once you and your friends have bagged yourself a nighttime boar, you’ll feel closer than before.

We have a variety of wild boar and deer hunts. You tell us what you’re looking for in advance and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. For example, if you’re visiting with your kids, we’ll recommend our father-son or father-daughter hunting stands to help provide the best experience. Our desire is to give you such a winning experience that you would make father-kid trips like these an ongoing tradition.

We also have a Georgia Hunting club that you can join which will provide an exceptional hunting experience with year-round hunting adventures. Please call us at 478.256.3448 to learn more.

So, what are you waiting for?

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