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Boxing Equipment

Boxing Equipment The most commonly used items of boxing equipment are the iconic gloves that boxers wear. These gloves are designed to protect the hands of the fighters who use them in the ring. If these gloves weren't worn, significant injury to the knuckles and hands of the fighters would result, and more visceral injuries would be sustained by the individuals being hit. In short, more damage would be done all around. Boxing gloves serve to cushion the impact received and delivered by each blow, thus making the sport more safe and enjoyable for all participants. But though gloves are the best known pieces of equipment used by boxers, there are many other equipment items that are involved in the sport. The ring itself is often roped off in a specific way, making these ring ropes a requirement for any good boxing gym. The shorts worn are often designed to sit high on the waistline of the fighters, and in some versions of the sport, protective headgear is worn to keep the heads of fighters safe. Concussions and other cranial injuries are not uncommon in this sport, which makes headgear highly important, especially during training, when blows are often repeated over and over again. Training is where the majority of equipment items are used. Large, heavy punching bags are designed to simulate the weight and density of the human body. This gives boxers the opportunity to experience what it really feels like to hit a large, stable object. Boxers can use this bag to practice honing the speed and power of their punches to achieve the optimum effect. In addition, smaller, lighter bags are used, more often simply as targets to give trainees something to strike against when practicing their punches. One of the most iconic and useful tools in the boxing athlete’s arsenal is the speed bag, which gives the boxer the opportunity to practice hitting multiple times over in rapid succession. All of these activities improve not just speed and accuracy but strength as well, as each punch builds that much more muscle in the hand, arm, and torso of the fighter. Most boxers, especially those who plan to fight competitively, spend hours each day working with these items. Much of this boxing equipment can be purchased at sporting goods stores, but some items, such as the heavy bag, are highly expensive. For some other items, such as speed bags, it's difficult to find a good quality item. Many are, in fact, cheap and ineffective as training tools. If you want to train well, especially if you plan to truly compete as a professional fighter, you need to work with high end equipment in an environment that supports this athletic training.
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