Wild Boar Hunting Tennessee

Wild Boar Hunting Tennessee

Hunting is a great pastime that has been around for ages. Nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of hunting a big boar. Our boar herd is always carefully managed to ensure you only go after the best trophies. Nature has generously endowed Hog Wild USA with thickets, hills, and hollows making it the ideal location for wild hog habitat. A wild boar hunting Tennessee trip with us guarantees the ultimate experience.

Wild Boar Prominence

Wild boars are wild members of the pig species. Although not native to the US, they can be found in 45 of the 50 states. They have a fast breeding rate that ensures a steady population increase. The female boar can breed once it hits six months. It carries the pregnancy for close to four months and births 4-6 piglets at a time.

This biological fact ensures that there's never a shortage of boar game. Groups of wild boars are a constant sight in our hunting area, so a wild boar hunting trip in Tennessee with us has high chances of success.

Are Wild Boars Dangerous to Hunt?

Wild boars are among the most dangerous animals to hunt. They're aggressive when provoked and will charge immediately. They have thick and sharp tusks for defense.

Knowing how best to track and approach them will help keep you out of harm's way. You can spot wild boars by looking for signs such as:

  • Tracks - Wild boars tend to use the same paths between their bedding places and where they feed, so it's easy to find their tracks.
  • Wallows - They love to roll in ponds of mud and dig up soil to create bed nests.
  • Tree rubs - Wild boars rub against trees for parasite relief, and to claim territories.

Once you've located your boar, choose your shooting position wisely. If you're unsure about your shot, do it from a tree stand. If you still want to do it from the ground, have a tree in sight that you can easily climb if you don't make a killer shot with the first try.

In case your shot is not fatal, the boar will charge at you and height might be your only chance of escape. A wild boar hunting Tennessee trip taken with us ensures your safety thanks to our expert guides who are always ready to keep you from trouble.

When is the Best Time to Hunt for Wild Boars?

Wild boars are more active early in the morning or late in the evenings. The colder it is, the more time they spend searching for food, so anytime during early spring or winter can be a great time to arrange your wild boar hunting trip.

For warmer days, there's a high probability of finding them in damp areas as they wallow to cool off. That makes Hog Wild USA a great hunting destination because of the many swampy areas found in our terrain. And hogs love it. What’s more, our night hunts will give you more chances of spotting a target.

For Year-Round Wild Boar Hunting

Contact us for the best hunt packages in Tennessee. Call us on 478-256-3448 to make bookings at any time of the year and grab your chance for the best per person, doubles, and group deals.

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