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Yachts For Charter In Costa Rica

Marina Charters is one of the top-rated fleet management companies to offer luxury yachts for charter in Costa Rica. We offer fleet management, beach accommodations, adventure sports, and family beaches to give you the best vacation experience.

What can I do on a Yacht?

There are so many fun things that you can enjoy when on a yacht. You can get a tan by sitting on the deck on a chaise, just dab on some good quality tanning lotion to sport the Mediterranean glow. If you've always wanted to finish that book but never had the time, a yacht can offer the perfect platform to indulge in some quality reading.

Fresh wind, deep blue waters, and the vast ocean sky can provide the perfect setting for you and your partner to catch up on that romantic date. If you are a party animal, a yacht is an ideal place to party like a rock star. Grab a couple of beverages and food and invite your friends for a spin on the yacht to celebrate birthdays, bachelor parties, Friday nights, etc.

Indulge in sports like snorkeling and diving into the richest parts of the ocean, home to corals and myriads of colorful fishes. Your captain can recommend the best spots for such fun activities. Our yachts for charter in Costa Rica offers remarkable ocean adventures along with fleets with a friendly captain on board for your assistance.

What should I bring on a sailing trip?

Sailboats usually come with their stock of essential supplies such as snorkeling fins, towels, vests, goggles, first aid kit, etc. There are, however, several things that you shouldn't miss out on your yacht trip. Ocean friendly cotton or linen fabric clothing, sunglasses, hats, water-resistant watch, bathing suit, sunscreen or full-sleeved shirts, tanning lotion, medicines, garbage bags, wipes, and zip lock bags are some of the essentials that you shouldn’t miss on a yacht trip.

If you wish to fish or swim or surf in the ocean, ensure to carry the required gear for the respective sport with you. Many get seasick in a yacht, so you need to bring appropriate medication to handle such situations. Sailing guides, maps, a compass, and a sea map can all add more spice to your little trip out in the ocean.

Dos and Don’ts of saltwater fishing

Fishing can be an excellent hobby for those who know the knacks of the sport. For example, using bright and new lures can attract fishes better. At the end of your fishing, soak your reel in freshwater for a couple of hours to remove saltwater residues.

Learn to tie the bimini twist fish knot to ensure optimum line strength even in rough waters. We offer an exclusive range of 12 classy yachts for unique holiday experiences. To get the best value on yachts for charter in Costa Rica, get in touch with our team at Marina Charters, today! We'll help you plan the adventure of your lifetime.

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